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A beautiful façade deserves equivalent structures - Using DELTABEAM® in renovation projects

May, 20, 2019

When talking about a challenging worksite, one can hardly deny that renovating an old building in a crowded city centre belongs to this category. Just imagine the restauration requirements of a historical building where the façade needs to be preserved, while simply not having any additional space for parking trucks or storing the materials, other than the city’s main street. Such a situation calls for a faster, safer and more efficient way to work.

A building’s interior may have to be renovated while maintaining the façade and appearance of the old days of glory. The demolition of the interior of these buildings is already a story in itself, but let’s focus on the rebuilding. When the time and space are limited, one appreciates light construction materials, flexibility and the speed of erection. This is where DELTABEAM® Frame comes into play.

The DELTABEAM® Frame consists of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and Composite Columns, which are connected using standardized connections, and other steel structures required for the building’s frame. All the components work in perfect unison and are delivered on site exactly when scheduled – just what you need. The beams are always made to measure.


When the lack of space is not a problem

DELTABEAM® is a truly versatile multitasker of the industry, and always happy to help. A DELTABEAM® Frame maximises the space available in two ways. Firstly, the floors are slim, meaning that you will get more room height or more floors for a given building height. Secondly, composite columns take up very little space. This translates into more floor space.

Being a prefabricated structure, construction time is reduced and delays due to weather are minimized. The long spans provided by DELTABEAM® reduce the number of pieces to assemble. Unique in 3D-design, each beam fits perfectly to the structure, and the pre-designed, standardized connections are easy to use and efficient. DELTABEAM® requires only little or no propping. One week’s construction time per floor can easily be saved compared to conventional structures.


Standardized when possible, made to measure when needed

Although the connections are standardized, the beams are not. The form plates allow for even more demanding architectural shapes in all façades. The length and measures of the beams are individual and calculated to be a perfect made-to-measure fit just for your project.

But, of course, we need additional fire-proofing on site? NO. Let’s repeat this: there is NO need for additional fireproofing. DELTABEAMs® come with internal fireproofing up to R180. Oh yes, this is another piece of good news. Faster again.

Plus, of course, DELTABEAM® Frame is actually a light solution. First of all, the number of truck deliveries to frequently crowded places are reduced. There is no need either to bring to the site the most massive crane you can possibly find, nor all the personnel of a construction company to get it done. Besides of the crane operator, only two people are needed on the site for mounting the frame in a speedy and cost-efficient way. A small crew can erect a multi-story building faster than with any other system on the market.


Few solutions currently on the market currently offer as many benefits as DELTABEAM® Frame. Your construction or renovation process does not need to become any more difficult than it already is, so feel free to enjoy the benefits of ease DELTABEAM® Frame offers you.  

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