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أغسطس 10, 2022

New White Paper: Position of Support Reaction Forces, Hollow-Core Slabs on DELTABEAM®

Peikko has published a new White Paper on Design Recommendations for Hollow-Core Slabs Supported on DELTABEAM® – Position of Support Reactio...

أبريل 2, 2020

2020 – The year of the designer.

In 2019, Peikko was definitively not standing still. Firstly, we introduced some pretty admirable products into the market: TWIN® Corbel for TT slabs,...

يوليو 15, 2019

Genuine cooperation is the key to successful projects

When building a top-of-the-line hospital with a total gross area of 70,000 m2 and a net area of over 33,000 m2, there's no room for “I” in the team. S...

يونيو 24, 2019

Occupational Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand - Peikko Group Is a Forerunner in Implementing a New Management System

During the last few decades safety at factories, construction sites and places of work in general has improved in giant leaps in all developed countri...

يونيو 3, 2019

Sustainability with no compromises – Dismountable connections enabling circular economy

Circular economy is the latest buzzword in the construction industry, and there’s a reason for it. Cities play a major role in making the global econo...

مايو 20, 2019

A beautiful façade deserves equivalent structures - Using DELTABEAM® in renovation projects

When talking about a challenging worksite, one can hardly deny that renovating an old building in a crowded city centre belongs to this category. Just...

مايو 6, 2019

Punching prevention and shear rail systems – what can they do for you?

Peikko offers two systems for punching prevention: ETA-approved PSB® and ICC-approved ARMATA® for the North-American market. Both systems consist of d...

أبريل 24, 2019

A forerunner actively shapes the industry

Being a forerunner implies that Peikko needs to actively work on shaping the future of the construction industry. This is why Peikko invests a signifi...

أبريل 9, 2019

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