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يناير 29, 2019

Serving customers with continuously updated documentation

Technical competence and reliability are essential to our customers, and Peikko as a company is committed to providing them in many ways. Our products...

يناير 14, 2019

Get ready for 2019!

يناير 2, 2019

Success through collaboration

A residential building is currently under construction in the city of Uralsk, Kazakhstan. The building consists of 9 apartment floors and additionally...

ديسمبر 17, 2018

Software is what it takes

The world is developing in an ever-increasing speed, and so is structural design. A paper and a pen are so last season, and this applies to the constr...

ديسمبر 4, 2018

WELDA® Anchor Plates – optimized through research

WELDA® Anchor Plates are typically used to create welded connections between steel and concrete structural members. The concept of WELDA® – a steel pl...

نوفمبر 16, 2018

3 ways to connect precast columns to foundation – choose yours!

Choosing precast concrete columns is bound to make frame erection faster and more efficient. But have you considered what kind of an impact the column...

أكتوبر 29, 2018

The mystery of a round arris

We at Peikko have two major Floor Expansion Joints in our offering – TERAJOINT® and OPTIMAJOINT®. Both floor joints serve the same purpose: transferri...

أكتوبر 15, 2018

New DELTABEAM® Gerber connection for continuous beams to make site work faster and easier

For us at Peikko the feedback from our customers is always taken seriously. It is the driving engine of our R&D and continuous innovations, helpin...

أكتوبر 1, 2018

DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs – architectural dreams elevated

Modern architecture of the world is not inclined to use templates and standard solutions. Even more, the synthesis of various materials appearing inco...