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يونيو 3, 2019

Sustainability with no compromises – Dismountable connections enabling circular economy

Circular economy is the latest buzzword in the construction industry, and there’s a reason for it. Cities play a major role in making the global econo...

مايو 20, 2019

A beautiful façade deserves equivalent structures - Using DELTABEAM® in renovation projects

When talking about a challenging worksite, one can hardly deny that renovating an old building in a crowded city centre belongs to this category. Just...

مايو 6, 2019

Punching prevention and shear rail systems – what can they do for you?

Peikko offers two systems for punching prevention: ETA-approved PSB® and ICC-approved ARMATA® for the North-American market. Both systems consist of d...

أبريل 24, 2019

A forerunner actively shapes the industry

Being a forerunner implies that Peikko needs to actively work on shaping the future of the construction industry. This is why Peikko invests a signifi...

أبريل 9, 2019

Let us fix it

How can the precast connection supplier solve your problems?

مارس 25, 2019

Collaboration brings benefits - Peikko’s PSB® part of StruSoft’s FEM Design Package

The software providers of today’s construction business are joining forces in order to offer more complex services and applications – we all know that...

مارس 12, 2019

PCs® Corbel – supporting beam and supporting efficient column design

Columns are vertical structural elements used to support horizontal structures. The column-beam connection has a great impact on the column design. De...

فبراير 27, 2019

Trending in wind energy - Big boys optimize the total lifecycle emissions

The price per megawatt used to be the sole decision-making criteria in sustainable energy sources. Now the tide is beginning to turn – the whole energ...

فبراير 12, 2019

How to secure the quality in 130 days?

Quality audits in manufacturing units are a way to ensure that the production as well as the end products meet the high-quality standards, are safe to...