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PD Diagonal Tie — Connectors for Precast Sandwich Panels

PD Diagonal Ties are single-lattice girders used for connecting the inner and outer concrete layers of a sandwich wall element together. The lattice girder consists of stainless diagonals and flanges made of either stainless or reinforcing steel. 

Diagonal ties are connectors that allow the joining of sandwich wall concrete layers together. The outer and inner flanges of the tie are reinforcing or stainless steel, while the diagonal is always made of stainless steel. The flange material depends on the exposure class and concrete cover of the flanges. Diagonal ties provide structural interaction between concrete layers from the full height of the panel.

The sandwich wall’s design is based on logic that structural actions are withstood by the tensile resistance of diagonals. Standard diagonal ties provide an easy solution for walls up to 3.5 m high and 7 m wide with an insulation thickness of up to 390 mm. For solutions for larger walls, contact Peikko’s Technical Support. 

PD Diagonal Tie


1) The standardized height h of ties is based on anchorage depths 30 + 30 mm into the concrete layers. Dimension h is measured from the central axis to the central axis of flanges

2) The standard length of Diagonal Ties lTie is 3000 mm. Ties can be manufactured in multiples of 300 mm.

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