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Occupational Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand - Peikko Group Is a Forerunner in Implementing a New Management System

June, 24, 2019

During the last few decades safety at factories, construction sites and places of work in general has improved in giant leaps in all developed countries. The foundation for this development was laid through legislative measures. For a company active in the international market, it is obvious enough that it is important to carefully comply with local legal requirements. However, we at Peikko Group feel this is not enough. Therefore, we have streamlined our principles and practices of occupational safety in all of our eight factories.

The significance of occupational safety can be summed up in these words: “Because Forerunners Care”. If we are to include in our point of view all the good that follows from high-quality occupational safety, we will notice it affects nearly everything by which a company's quality of operations is usually evaluated. If a facility is tidy, it is also safe. High-standard occupational safety, again, helps in maintaining high technical quality – and in enhancing productivity. And when we bring environmental concerns into the mix, we will see that high standards in occupational safety and production lead to procedures that are environmentally friendly as well.

Peikko Group was a forerunner when it upgraded its quality and environmental certificates couple of years ago. Now we continue running in front by upgrading our former OHSAS 18001 standard to the new occupational safety management system ISO 45001, first among Multisite certified factories. We did more than most players in the field, as we wish to develop our processes to work ever better. Naturally, also our clients benefit from certified production.


Streamlined Practices for Production Units Basis of Continuous Development

Many of our project deliveries entail collaboration between several of our factories. Here it is important that the products the client receives are identical regarding quality and principle of production regardless of the factory or country the product comes from.

These principles of production also include just how we manage occupational safety and control all the risks that come with project deliveries. At Peikko, we embrace all of our stakeholders as clients, including structural engineers, architects, contractors, the authorities and auditors. The role of the last mentioned is crucial in our implementation of a new certificate. We drew up an implementation schedule concerning all our factories. Meeting the deadline depended on both us fulfilling the requirements and the auditors being certified to complete this demanding task in compliance with the freshly published new standard. 

It is my pleasure to announce that we made it together with flying colors! When visiting a Peikko factory, be it in Lahti, Waldeck, Kralova nad Vahom, Kaunas, Bucharest, St. Petersburg, Ras Al Khaimah or Zhangjiagang, I can rest assured that the same Peikko quality, caring for the environment and occupational safety are shared by all of them, and are the targets of ever-continuing development and improvement. The foundation of the improvement is regular auditing, thanks to which our employees and stakeholders can work with us safely and take part in our evermore ambitious quality targets. We humbly believe and hope that both our clients and the environment will commend us for this.

Riitta Pönniö

Quality Director

Peikko Group Corporation

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