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Onshore wind turbine foundations – Overview

Choosing a Peikko solution helps to secure the profitability of wind power project.

Even though it may seem like a minor detail in a wind power development project with a EUR 50–200 million price tag, slow progress in foundation design, production and assembly will postpone the day when the investment starts to generate profit. With that in mind, Peikko has created a holistic solution consisting of design, manufacturing and installation of both gravity and rock foundations.

Foundation design in a day

One of the main hurdles in developing large wind parks is timetable. Typically, it will take 4 to 8 weeks to get a foundation design from an engineering company or a structural designer. And if there are different soil types in the area chosen for your wind park, more weeks are lost doing additional designs.

Peikko has changed the game. We can come up with a preliminary design in one day. This is the fastest way to assess the cost of a foundation.

Fast manufacturing of foundation components

Our industrial approach means that the wind turbine foundation design is seamlessly integrated with production. We can have the components – anchor cage and reinforcement – ready for shipping starting from 3 weeks. Global warehousing of standard components further adds flexibility of delivery.

Quick installation

Scheduled delivery of materials simplifies site planning and resource allocation. The delivery includes step-by-step instructions for assembly.

Anchor cage can be installed in a day, while a gravity foundation is completed within a week. Installing a Peikko rock foundation will take two weeks spread over a longer period of time.

Our expert will be available to offer advice on site. If needed, we can also offer installation and casting as part of the overall delivery.

Our wind park projects

We have a strong track record in onshore wind park projects, with both rock and gravity foundations.

Take a look at our wind turbine foundation references

Wind turbine foundations on heterogeneous soil

Do you consider soil inconsistency a major cost factor when choosing a site for a large wind park?

Wind park on inconsistent soil

Sometimes all the other factors – wind conditions, land ownership, surrounding communities – might be in favor of your wind turbine project, but soil inconsistency adds complexity to your decision-making process.

If done in the traditional way, your designer comes up with a general gravity foundation design for the dominant soil type within the farm. As the conventional design work is costly and takes a lot of time, you need to make sure that the soil in every turbine site fits the foundation design. In practice, this means changing soil at those sites where it differs from the dominant soil type.

With Peikko’s swift design process, you can have a dedicated design for each soil type and avoid costly and time-consuming soil changes.

Wind park on rock

Is there a better way than blasting and excavating the rock away, then changing the soil in order to create a foundation for wind turbines?

There are rocky areas with great wind conditions for turbines – most notably the coast of Norway. However, conventional foundations are always designed for specific soil types. When relying on these designs, a great amount of rock will need to be blasted and cleared away. After that, the resulting pit has to be filled with the soil the gravity foundation was designed for. The whole process results in unnecessary costs and time losses.

Enter the rock foundation by Peikko. No need for blasting. No need for soil change.

Choose your delivery scope

Peikko always supplies:

  • The foundation design
  • Key foundation components
  • Expert support on site
  • Worldwide supply chain

Peikko can also supply you with a full turn key package consisting of:

  • Project management
  • Anchor cage
  • Reinforcement
  • Installation
  • Site management

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