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Solutions for Wind Foundations - Solutions


FATBAR® Post-Tensioned Anchor

Tested quality: ETA assessed and CE marked product is a safe, secure, and risk-free choice.

Optimized and cost-saving: The compact product is material-efficient, environmentally conscious, and easy to install.

Easy maintenance: Risk management is simplified throughout the foundation's lifecycle with easy re-tensioning possibilities.

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Strength and performance: High load-bearing capacities ensure a solid foundation.

Flexibility: Standardized M-thread diameters with customizable bolt length meet the needs of all your applications.

Versatility: VOLTBOLT® can be used as an anchor bolt or as heavy structural reinforcement.

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Anchor Cage

Short lead-time: Starting foundation works earlier by having anchor cages on-site results in earlier completion and significant cost savings.

Complete package: Purchasing all required components from one source is convenient, rapid, and straightforward.

Flexibility: Standardized solutions with customized alternatives ensure an ideal solution for any project.


The anchor cage is the initial step and a key component to start the reinforcement assembly of the wind tower foundation.

Peikko's anchor cages, including the flanges, are manufactured in Finland with the highest quality.

Peikko has supplied anchor cages to projects of all major turbine manufacturers.

PSB® Headed Anchors

Tested quality: ETA assessed, and CE marked product is a safe, secure, and risk-free choice.

Easy installation and inspection: Color-coded studs leave no room for human errors and speed up the installation.

Cost- and volume-savings: Reduced steel amount also results in a more environmentally friendly outcome, without compromising safety.

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Reusable top template set

  • Suitable for both Gravity and Gage rock foundations.
  • Includes top template from 4-segments, connection plates, and cross bars.

Reusable steel groutbox formwork set

  • Suitable for both Gravity and Cage rock foundations.
  • Includes grout box formwork from 4-segments and fixing plates.
  • Does not include Reusable top template set.

Rock Adapter formwork set

  • Suitable for Rock Adapter foundation.
  • Includes bottom template with support feet, drilling pipes, and reusable top template with cross bars.
  • Reusable top template also works as a grout box formwork.

Rock Adapter plate set

  • Suitable for Rock Adapter foundation.
  • Includes adapter plate from 4-segments, tower bolts, support feet, and cross bars.