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Technical Support available for everyone and everywhere

September, 17, 2018

During the past twenty years Peikko has grown with a determined attitude and today we are a global player in the construction business. We deliver to 6 continents and even to most distant locations. No question about it: a strong local player has transformed into a multinational forerunner.

While global reach is vital, the daily interaction in the construction business needs to be local. Peikko’s customers represent a wide range of nationalities and speak multiple languages. Local authorities set different rules and requirements for products, and also building processes and practices can vary a lot between different locations.


Unifying the global with the local

From the first international steps that Peikko took, our work in new markets has always based on local personnel. When building up local functions, we have always prioritized the local need for engineering skills. We are ambitious to find the best solutions for our customers, which requires understanding of local practices, requirements, and people. As a result, Peikko has built up an internal engineering unit of nearly 150 specialists.


International collaboration for a full support

Our aim is to provide our customers technical support in their local language from a specialist at their local Peikko unit. Selection of technical personnel is based on careful evaluation and testing during recruitment. The introduction period contains a trainee program that can be adjusted according to personal needs and local requirements. However, it is not expected that a specialist who has taken the training is able to manage the enormous variety of special cases on their own. Peikko has bigger engineering teams next to our production units in Finland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, the UAE and China, and they support other countries as well. These teams have skilled specialists in various areas available to support the local personnel. If more knowledge is required in a particular field, Peikko’s R&D department has the resources to provide advanced support. This way we can ensure sufficient knowledge and tools to solve our customers’ problems no matter what the case.


What can we expect in the future?

Today digitalization is the catchword, also in the construction business. Peikko has made big efforts to get ready for the future and develop our design tools. As a result, Peikko has integrated Tekla as the main design tool for our DELTABEAM® Frame products. At the moment, we can already co-operate with our customers inside their own models. When Peikko is given the permission to contact our customer’s Tekla model in the cloud service, on-time information can be collected directly from the original source and brought back with Peikko’s updates; without any additional information transfers.

Peikko’s engineering teams are actively evolving to meet the needs of future trends. At the moment, the biggest emphasis is on improving the possibilities to integrate with customers’ design systems to speed up the building process, and to improve quality by reducing the possibilities of human error. Also democratization of modelled data is a big goal for Peikko. 3D models already contain all the data, but unfortunately it is currently available only for skilled engineers who have bought expensive licenses for the needed software. Peikko wants to share that information easily for everyone and everywhere. Without special skills or expensive gear.

Peikko is ready for the future and eager to see what comes with it.

Tero Ollikainen

Tero Ollikainen, M.Sc. is responsible for Peikko’s Customer Engineering as Customer Engineering Manager. He started at Peikko in 2005 and has worked earlier as a Business Manager for DELTABEAM®s. Besides his career at Peikko he has held several positions in Steel Frame Contractor and Construction Engineering Companies in Finland (Wise Group Finland Oy, Normek Oy), and participated in numerous remarkable engineering projects.

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